I am Ishrat Ansari, the Founder of Inaayat.

I was born and raised in a weaver's family in Banaras (also known as Varanasi or Kashi). I completed my education at Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.). Following my graduation, I moved to Mumbai after getting married. However, my heart always remained connected to my people.

The people in Banaras are humble and unacquainted with technology and modern development. Coming from a weaver's background, it was distressing to witness the challenging circumstances faced by weavers. Many are abandoning this traditional art and relocating to new areas in search of alternative business opportunities or employment. For those who stay, they often seek different paths. I contemplated why not make this artistic tradition accessible directly to customers at a fair price.

I would find great satisfaction in revitalizing even a single family, encouraging them to either continue with their craft or transition into this business. The success of this venture is not only significant to me personally but also holds immense importance for the broader society.